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Question: Do you accept garbage of any kind?
Answer: No. Prohibited Materials are garbage, paper, metal, glass, masonary, sheetrock, hardy plank, trex decking, plastic, and other similar non-organic materials.

Question: Do you accept building material waste?
Answer: Yes, but only clean, untreated lumber including plywood and particle board. We DO NOT accept masonary, plastics, or sheetrock. Also prohibited are any residues or coating containing petroleum, toxic compounds, and preservatives.

Question: How much material can my truck hold?
Answer: A Full Size Pickup, level full is on the average 2.5 Cubic Yards.
A Small Pickup, level full is on the average 1-1.5 Cubic Yards.

Question: How much is a Unit?
Answer: 1 Unit = 7.4 Cubic Yards



H & H Wood Recyclers Office Hours
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* H and H is closed on the following Holidays:
New Years Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve