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Bark Dust Delivery Vancouver WA

We know a thing or two about bark. Established in 1991, our organic recycling company has long been trusted to provide the very best bark products and services. That’s why when homeowners need bark dust delivery in Vancouver, Washington, they call on H & H Wood Recyclers. Many of our landscaping materials are recycled from the wide range of materials we collect. Materials such as grass clippings and yard debris are collected and processed into compost and soil blends.. Barkdust and bark nuggets are brought in from local sawmills. If you’re looking for sustainable, top-quality bark dust and mulch for your home or business, look no further than H & H Wood Recyclers.

How We Supply Our Bark Dust and Mulch

We bring in these materials from local sawmills where they are then ground into bark products. From there we deliver these products to our clients. Tree bark may be processed to produce a variety of items. Bark nuggets are larger chunks of tree bark and can be screened to several different sizes. Barkdust is ground until it reaches a fine powderlike state. For various applications, these bark products are all beneficial.

In addition to being a decorative feature to your landscape, a layer of mulch can help protect a plant’s roots from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Regardless of the type of bark material you need, the friendly staff at H & H Wood Recyclers is ready to help you with your next landscaping project! We have different trucks to serve all sizes of landscape supply projects for commercial and residential clients.

We Deliver More Than Just Bark Dust

H & H Wood Recyclers don’t just supply bark dust. We recycle the following landscaping materials:

Yard Debris and Grass Clippings
Yard debris and grass clippings can quickly turn into a pile of rotting vegetation if not dealt with in a timely manner. H & H Wood Recyclers takes this debris and transforms it into compost. When you need compost to improve the quality of your soil, we’ve got you covered.

Concrete, Asphalt, Brick and Stone
Did you know that old concrete, asphalt, stone and brick can also be recycled? H & H Wood Recyclers takes these materials and crushes them into small pieces. The finished product can then be used as a replacement for more expensive rock in certain applications.

Vancouver’s Expert Bark Dust Landscape Supply Company

Residents and business owners in Vancouver look to H & H Wood Recyclers for their landscape supply needs. Not only do we locally source and stock all of our high-quality products but we also offer quick delivery, free estimates, and friendly and informative customer service. Our bark dust is the perfect way to add essential nutrients to your garden while also discouraging pests and weeds. Our mulch is an excellent way to protect your plants’ roots from extreme temperatures and help them retain moisture. Whether you need a few bags of bark dust or multiple truckloads of landscaping materials, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our bark dust delivery or other services.

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