Get Wood Recycling in Clark County!

Do you have unwanted wood materials that you need to get rid of safely? H & H Wood Recyclers can help you properly dispose of all your wood material to recycle and reuse for other needs! Since 1991, H & H Recyclers have been providing Vancouver, WA and Clark County with excellent customer service and recycling options for wood and other materials. If your yard debris bin is full and you have excess wood materials, we will gladly recycle those materials. Providing excellent customer service and keeping our environment, as well as our community, green is our top priority. With our recycling services, we can turn your unwanted wood products into reusable and serviceable products for others. Part of our role in the Vancouver, WA community is supplying renewable energy sources to local electricity mills by providing them with wood products which they turn into energy. This process is just one of the ways we keep our community clean and green. H&H Recyclers is here to help the community any way that we can!

What type of wood products do you take?

At H&H Recyclers, we can take a wide variety of different wood products for recycling. Some of the commonly recycled wood products we accept include:

  • Plywood
  • Stumps
  • Pallets
  • Particle Boards
  • Wood Chips
  • Cedar Shingles
  • And more!

In addition to recycling wood products, we also accept yard debris like leaves, bark dust, and garden clippings and turn it into compost and other reusable landscaping materials. If you need landscaping materials for a job, we can deliver them to you! Ask us how we can help you get the materials you need!

Why should you choose H&H Recyclers?

H&H Recyclers has been the top local choice for wood recycling since 1991! Because the county regulates us for solid waste pickup, we can pick up your wood products, yard debris, concrete, stone, brick, or roofing materials right from your home. If you are in the middle of an extensive landscaping or roofing project, give us a call and ask for one of our drop boxes! One of our trucks will drop it off at your job site and pick it up when you get finished. No other organic recycler in Clark County does recycling at the same scale as us! Call H&H Recyclers today and ask about our wood recycling service or any of the other services we offer in Clark County!