Get Off-Site Land Clearing in Clark County!

Off Site Land ClearingIf you require land clearing or brush clearing in Vancouver, WA, or any other part of Clark County, H&H Recyclers can help you out! Along with being the area’s top choice for wood recycling, we provide quality land and brush clearing services that can remove unwanted brush or trees from your property. We have the proper equipment and experience to handle different sizes of sites. The size of the site, as well as the location, will determine the equipment we use. Give us a call today and ask us about our land clearing services and get your property cleaned up quickly!

H&H Recyclers can get rid of the brush or trees in your property by using our durable grinders and shredders. As one of the area’s most prominent recyclers of wood and yard debris, we make great use out of the unwanted stumps, trees, and brush. When we clear out your lot, we grind up the stumps and brush and reuse them for mulching materials. Reusing and reutilizing unwanted materials is part of who we are at H&H Recyclers, so when you need a professional team to clear your property out, make sure you go with the local company that’s been doing this since 1991!

Why do I need off-site land clearing?

Off-site land clearing could be needed for several reasons. It is mainly used for clearing out plots of land for new construction of homes or commercial buildings, but it has several other uses as well. Among the other reasons are:

  • Potential fire hazards: Land clearing can help clear out potential fire hazards due to too much dry brush or overgrowth. Getting rid of these hazards can protect your home or business, as well as the ones around you.
  • Pest Control: Clearing out high grass, brush, and dead trees can help you get of pest populations. Snakes, rodents, and insects thrive in these areas, so getting that land cleared out can save you money in extermination costs.
  • Construction: The most common use of land clearing is for the new development of homes and commercial buildings. We can clear out small or large plots of land and get rid of trees, bushes, and unwanted stumps that can get in the way of construction!

Get the best Off-Site Land Clearing in the area!

Offsite LandclearingAt H&H Recyclers, we have a team of specialists that have the proper training and knowledge to complete your land clearing job efficiently and promptly. With the appropriate equipment and our many years of experience, we make sure that your property gets cleared and ready to use. Since 1991, we’ve been offering high-quality off-site land clearing services, along with other organic recycling services like wood recycling, delivery of landscape supplies, delivery of disposal drop boxes, and more! We’ve been serving the residents of Clark County for years and have become the area’s most reputable organic recyclers! Call us today and find out how we can help you today with any of your organic recycling or land clearing needs!