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The Benefits of Using Mulch In Your Garden

Bark dust, bark chips and other forms of wood mulch have long been used for years as a landscape product, offering many benefits. It helps promote healthy soil by providing essential nutrients, preventing weed growth, and improving water drainage and air circulation. Plus, it adds color and texture to an otherwise dull space. So if there’s one product you can rely on for landscape supply in Vancouver, WA, it’s mulch.

And if there’s one supplier Vancouver residents can trust, it’s H & H Wood Recyclers. We recognize the importance of using bark dust in gardening. Our landscape suppliers are committed to providing the highest quality organic, recycled bark dust in the Vancouver area to give clients ecologically sourced gardening supplies. We use recycled wood materials to create high-quality mulch and bark dust that will make your garden pop and grow.

For our latest blog post, we’re going to explore and expand on all of these areas.

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Regularly mulching your garden provides insulation and moisture retention ready for any weather.

Control Weeds and Other Pest Plants

Mulches are an effective way to control weeds and other pest plants in the garden. This can help control pests like crabgrass, bindweed, thistle and even woody weeds like blackberry and ivy. Not only will this help keep your landscape looking neat, but it will also reduce the need for chemical weed killers and other harsh pesticides.

First, the mulch acts as a physical barrier, preventing seeds from germinating and growing. It can also reduce the amount of available light for weed growth by smothering or shading them. Additionally, many types of mulch contain natural compounds that kill or prevent unwanted weeds and pest plants from taking root. Finally, mulches also help improve soil fertility by adding organic matter that feeds beneficial microbes while also helping retain water and moderating soil temperatures.

Assist Plants By Retaining Moisture

Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil and improves air circulation; both important factors for a healthy garden. Mulch acts as a blanket, helping to keep the soil cool and moist during hot summer days, reducing the amount of water that evaporates from the soil. It also helps prevent soil erosion due to wind or rain by holding topsoil particles in place.

By adding mulch around your plants, you can help them stay hydrated longer and reduce the need for frequent watering. This is especially beneficial during dry periods or in areas with poor drainage. Droughts can persist beyond just hot summer months, as droughts are a function of dryness rather than temperature. With a layer of bark mulch around your plants, you can keep them hydrated and green.

Fear No Weather With Soil Insulation

Just as they help retain moisture for plants, so too can mulch products insulate the soil against extreme temperatures. That same blanket of moisture formed by the mulch will help immensely during the dog days of summer. It protects plant roots from the sun’s harsh rays and moderates the temperature. In the winter, mulch can insulate and protect plants from frigid temperatures, allowing them to survive through cold spells or sudden drops in temperature; In the event of cold weather, mulch provides that same blanket of moisture to keep the soil warm and let the roots work away.

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Organic mulches provide great nutrients for the plants they protect, enabling fantastic growth.

Grow a Healthy Garden With Enriched Soil

Mulch also improves soil fertility. Organic mulches replenish the microorganisms in the soil and provide essential nutrients for plant growth, helping your landscape to thrive. Mulching can help break down existing soil, allowing air and water to reach the root system of plants more easily. Bark dust and bark chips will also continually break down with the weather, providing nutrients to the plants they protect. Furthermore, because they prevent weed growth, mulches allow plants to spend their energy on growing and producing healthy fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Create an Environmentally Friendly Garden

With mulch, your garden becomes more than just a collection of plants. By using organic mulches like bark dust, you can help create a landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Smaller organisms like earthworms can help improve soil quality. Dragonflies can eat mosquitos and other pests. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds can provide pollination. Furthermore, mulch will reduce water runoff and prevent erosion of your landscape, helping to keep nearby waterways safe. If nothing else, a well-mulched garden is a safe haven for nature to do its thing and create a resilient miniature ecosystem.

Need Mulch and Other Lanscape Supplies? H & H Wood Recyclers is Here!

H & H Wood Recyclers of Vancouver, WA, is a family-owned business of landscape professionals that has been proudly serving the community for over 20 years. We provide eco-friendly wood recycling services to customers in Clark County and the Greater Portland area.

Our team recycles wood, rock and compost to provide top-quality supplies for gardens and other landscaping projects. We practice efficient and sustainable operations, making sure to create minimal waste and divert materials from landfills. Contact us today via our website or call us at 360-892-2805.

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The Benefits of Using Mulch In Your Garden

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